The Lucid Dreamer

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Be careful in dreaming
Not to become to far
Escaping hopes
Fleeing feeling
When sun may come
Too lost in trail
Trapped on wanting
Dreamer despair

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i tried
to hold on to
the hope

but it slipped away,
there wasn’t anything
there for me to grab on to
so i just watched as it floated
further and further away from me

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I Made it Through the Night.

I broke down yesterday
and I wanted it to stop
I didn’t want to continue
playing the game that we
never had the choice in 
choosing to play. 

I made it through the night
and I haven’t quite decided
why I made that choice
or if I had just become 
too tired to act any further, 
but I’m here. 

And whether it is for 
the better or the worst
I am not quite sure, 
but I suppose I have 
another day to decide
that I wouldn’t have 
had before.

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