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To Be Poetry

It is not an art
any more than
taking in three breaths
and exhaling one is
a feat of great mastery
over the body - it is 
natural, with some exertion
of control, enough to gain
that sense of stability
but in truth, I will 
breathe regardless
I will write regardless

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These were the things I never said,
the words that never left my mind.
I captured them, always afraid that if
or when they let loose there would be
nothing but lose, even if I was weightless
with their parting. It held me in place
kept my tongue from lolling about as freely
as others had theirs. Why? Why was I 
so restricted, when all around me they sang
what ever their thoughts did muster? 

Because I was taught fear, 
I was taught shame and blame. 
Always it was me who was the cause, 
the reason behind the misfortune. 
And now that is all I can see.

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We’re on two sides
of a fence
                                  but i can still see you
                                  and you can see me
You are right
what was I thinking
                                 silly boy, a little fence
                                 doesn’t stop our love
Or our hands from

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I rolled it around
like a freshly wound
cigarette, wondering
if the intoxicating bliss of
you upon my lips would be
savoring even after
all the moister had been sapped
from my mouth, my lungs filled
expanding full of you, poisoning
with every ounce of comfort. 

I flicked the thought
from my mind, a wasted
shriveled up excuse for what
once was, no longer - stunning
realization at the cost for such 
a small stroke of satisfaction.

It is not worth the labor.
You aren’t.


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Anonymous asked: I'm curious. Sometimes when you refer to the people in your life, you give them an animal or a "nickname". Other times you use their names or initials. Why?

Initials are just for when I don’t want to refer to the person directly, for sake of their privacy. Their alternate name is something more meaningful. It is an embodiment of what that individual means to me. 

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do not come to me
unless you are ready 
for love

i have little in the way 
of liking, crushes, those
things that are not quite

all i have
is the love
that lived on my sleeve
growing into a coat

i wear proudly

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I saw on the horizon, 
not as you would see
of suns and stars 
moons yet to guide me. 

There stood, gentle, unyielding
on waves that rocked thy unsteady
footing back and forth - such a sight
I can not fathom to tell thee

but I try.

It was, in all things sheer beauty
the only word, in all the words
I could think to say, in parts I could
dismantle and define, what monster
would I be then, in its wholeness
how it was intended to be seen. 

Oh that I could capture it, I think
I would not, what a sin, to confine
such a grace as this; instead I say
go, explore far and wide, and on the 
morn, when all seems lost, look to the north. 

You shall see. 

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