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go forth young hatchling, offspring
of those stories already written so
far beyond turning pages, younglings
children of our youth.

be what we could not, harbor in your hearts
the dreams we could not bring ourselves to
make a reality. in your infinite lives take 
our breaths and make them your own.

exhale upon this earth passions, determine in
your spirits the will to make better, superior
the sun has set on the land we once knew,
ours is new the night, to you goes the day

shine bright, burn, embrace the warmth that fuels
let this land become your playground, create, from
building block legos to concrete and mortar

write of love, adventure, gentle and horror
sing songs of heros fallen, paint the wandries
of the mind yet unraveled, be free

do not, in fear, shroud thyself in the comfort of
what we have already, do not seek safety in our
footsteps - make follies of your own

and beyond all else
look to the stars
and feel the need
to believe in a better


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There was a boy sitting under a tree, 
holding a book in hand, an apple in the other.
Each bite he took marked a page turned, each core
littered at his feet, a chapter complete.

There was a girl sitting aside a bush,
holding a book in hand, a pen in the other,
eating cherries as she wrote. Each pit a sentence
complete, each stem a page well writ.

Each day he read, his pile growing bigger
only fading when a new book appeared. Fresh
space, new pages to be read. Always, on his
way home, a stop he did make if a book complete.

Each day she wrote, her pile growing bigger
only fading when the last word was writ. Fresh
space, new pages, and ink appeared, always
on her way home a stop made when finished.

To the cherry fields, where he would clean 
stems and pits, a labor intensely enjoyed
To the apple tree where she would clean
cores and seeds, a labor she did not mind

And in the space, a gift left
as one was always left in turn
never remaining to see who, or what
took such presents, only knowing

in kindness came kindness
in patience reward.
And so she, Sun lived
And so he Moon dreamed

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thoughts coming pouring out
one syllable at a time spilling
on crisp white pages, stain
covered messes of insecurity
hidden text kept from wandering
tongues eager to speak, silence

hiding, poking through etched words
by pen and pencil - creator at work
dreams finding actuality, breathing
secrets full of life, whispers 

dream clouds forming precipitation
raining down festered thoughts, set
alite, burn, blaze, liquid tongued
flames lapping at free air breeze

brushing against hope, faith flourishing
deep sigh, venture back, the old day
keeping quiet when words spring
wishing to be held aloft, to be, write

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you made me smile the first time you spoke
even though you said words that now
i cant remember

you made me smile when you wore that shirt
even though i cant remember what was on it
only that it was from a comic book

you made me smile when you spoke of fish
and let your inner nerd show though i 
couldnt tell exactly what you were saying

you made me smile when you talked about books
becasue you ahd actually read them
not because you heard it was good

you made me smile when you looked into my eyes
and saw that i was smiling back

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the rubble of past walls broken
tumbling down, into the city of 
promised dreams and lived
reality. waiting, for the one
to take each piece, build a new
composing of scraps a whole
seeking not to impose, no walls,
a city exposed - begin a new
from that which is old
they were the ones
we thought to call love.

this is the one who created
such for us to thrive in

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I like to feel like this
heavy, each breath scraping
weighted oxygen against the slime covered
linings of my lungs, hiking through my throat 
only to clamber out of my nose, fingers
moving in a flurried speed, fractured to seconds 
through the look of an eye that can neither
focus nor glaze over the sight before - I hear
the music in the distance, the tap tap tap before 
my very ears…warmth is all I feel, as I plunge
deeper into this state I have deemed, so 
perfectly welcoming, so eager to avoid, willing
to embrace - the state in which I write.

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She caught my sight
with words of books and
fire place cuddling, then
shook my nerves
with mention of fish and 
names - in the end
I could not help but agree
I had fallen for; a nerd.

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These were the things I never said,
the words that never left my mind.
I captured them, always afraid that if
or when they let loose there would be
nothing but lose, even if I was weightless
with their parting. It held me in place
kept my tongue from lolling about as freely
as others had theirs. Why? Why was I 
so restricted, when all around me they sang
what ever their thoughts did muster? 

Because I was taught fear, 
I was taught shame and blame. 
Always it was me who was the cause, 
the reason behind the misfortune. 
And now that is all I can see.

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